V as in volume, as in turn it up,
or miss calls when a nigga comes calling.
I was all in, looking for something solid.
something to look forward to every morn’in.
something foreign to a dude local
to the harm and sharpened side of love,
smooth it out, w a polish. I was thinking of
the conflict that followed me into my conscious,
cause love lost always turned tarnished.
harsh as the first winter back
where it all started,
snowed every week,
where I went from being weak
to being heartless.
till piroulines, on some “meant to be”,
plus theories w the olives.
apparently, all of it fell together so proper,
that I had to thank the Father
that He do all the things that He do.
now, all my plans start & end w you,
and it’s coo, it’s coo, it’s coo.

imagine if all this shit really worked out
imagine if we were really all about
each other all the time.
we could fall in love. write a rhyme
to tell you all the things I’m thinking of
we could peace out to a new world
and you could be the girl
that I share it all w, just imagine,
we could make it all happen.

Hi princess. fly misses,
not high,but maybe we could buy
tickets, arrive in the middle
of any paradise you decide we exist in.
connecting flight in your mind.
eyes squinting, tryna catch glimpses.
I figure it could it be love,
or this room is really rose tinted.
no limit to the distance I would travel
so an hour’s pretty shallow
compared to the depths that we’re now in.
smooth as aloe
on your ripple less skin,
Big ben tripping, ticking away
the seconds, minutes, I lay
and wonder bout the ways
we could these stretch days
into lifetimes
and stretch weeks
into the forever before light shined.
and stretch us
to cover all the stress on my mind.
was turnt boy fresh all the time
but then I learnt, boy, blessed
to have another chance
to grab what I missed.
in the midst
of a spark,
or a kiss,
w a miss
in a car
in a park
after chance made
me greet a girl in a dark
just the start,
that inspired this whole ballad.
managed to work
through the callous
of my soul
and the malice
that I hold toward it all.
just a dummy,
gotta thank my lucky stars.
or thank God
that he made it all work.
looked @ her,
and said